StartProfessionalEnterpriseSales and backoffice users
Omnichannel Contact Centre licence (per user)25 EUR/month45 EUR/month60 EUR/month15 EUR/month
Call centre features
Voice services (phone numbers and SIP trunk)
Virtual PBX
Call queues for incoming callsUp to 4 queues
Graphical IVRFixed scenarios only
Call recording1GB, appr. 100 hours of record2GB, appr. 200 hours of record2GB, appr. 200 hours of record1GB, appr. 100 hours of record
SMS Chat
Based on main licences
CRM, ERP integrationsRead onlyRead onlyFull IntegrationBased on main licences
Call centre Modules
Enterprise Modules*Based on main licences*
Helpdesk features
Ticketing system
Max 100 activities per month
Ticketing queuesUp to 2 queues
E-mail channel
Web forms channel
Webchat channel
Based on main licences
Facebook Messenger
Based on main licences
Helpdesk Modules
Professional modules**Professional and Enterprise modules**Based on main licences**
Other features
Statistics and customers statistic
Realtime Reports for supervisors
SLAUp to 99,5 %Up to 99,7 %Up to 99,9 %Based on main licences
Call centre licence only
(per user)
15 EUR/month20 EUR/month30 EUR/month5 EUR/month
Helpdesk licence only
(per user)
15 EUR/month30 EUR/month40 EUR/month10 EUR/month