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VOIPEX + window to crm allows you to connect the world of CRM with the VOIPEX communication platform, where all incoming and outgoing calls are connected to CRM and ERP systems and the user always knows whether he is talking to an existing customer or a new contact and all his interaction with the client is recorded in CRM.


The VOIPEX communicator is the gateway to the world of products from the VOIPEX family, where it provides a uniform UX for all VOIPEX products. In addition to providing communication services (IM, Presence), it also serves as a portal for users, where they consume and control services, and for customer administrators, where they set up services and have business information.

B2B portal

B2B portal is a web application used to administer customer services. It provides partners the following tools:

  • Creating / editing / deleting customers
  • Creating / editing / deleting services
  • Creating / editing / deleting price lists
  • Billing of services

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VOIPEX Contact Center is built on WebRTC technology. An API that provides real time communication support for phone calls, video chatting, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications that can run in a web browser without the use of plugins. With WebRTC, you can make calls directly from your browser without having to install anything or set up new hardware.